Eighth Laser User Group Meeting

Focus on future-oriented innovations.

30 international guests followed up the invitation to the eighth Laser User Group Meeting of Daetwyler Graphics at the Grand Hotel in Lucerne. Against the impressive backdrop of the Pilatus, the test results of the new Pulsed Fiber Laser (PFL) attracted a great deal of attention. The results, achieved with kind support of the firm of Janoschka, were an impressive demonstration of the high power of the PFL in comparison to conventional Nd:Yag lasers: around 90 percent savings on energy costs with up to 40 percent higher laser power result in correspondingly higher engraving speeds. Remarkable results that reveal the potential of the Direct Laser Systems (DLS) from Daetwyler Graphics and that secure competitiveness for the future. 

Interesting presentations on many topics guaranteed a diversified program during this year´s meeting.  

Attendee´s break talk



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