Laser direct engraving in ceramic with 4-beam technology

Extended application of laser systems for ceramic anilox engraving

Schepers has been using the Digilas system for ceramic direct engraving for many years, although it has not been particularly active in this market segment. What’s more, using the standard Digilas laser system for ceramic applications was excessively challenging and expensive.


Over recent months, we have seen that flexographic printing is being used increasingly in Asia. As flexographic printing grows in strength, more anilox rollers are needed and companies are therefore also investing in laser engraving systems for ceramic anilox rollers.


Last year, Schepers developed HELIOLAS for standard applications and – in terms of its configuration and quality – the system is also ideally suited to ceramic engraving. This HELIOLAS engraver is now being offered in a special version that has been modified specifically for ceramic anilox engraving – the HELIOLAS AX.


The pricing of the system has been adapted to the market and the new variant also gives users the option to use 4 beams in direct ceramic laser engraving production. In the past, it has generally been standard practice for ceramic anilox rollers to be engraved in 2 or 3 stages. The new 4-beam option engraves every cell in 4 stages. This application is new and offers major benefits in terms of speed and quality.


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Heliolas – the basis for the Heliolas AX concept