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4Packaging becomes first company to be HD-certified.

HELL rewards outstanding results in cylinder engraving.

After implementing Certified Engraving, 4Packaging has become the world’s first company to be HD-certified by HELL. This certification recognizes the outstanding results 4Packaging continuously achieves in the four categories of edge sharpness, detail reproduction, reproducibility and quality assurance.

Moving forward, cylinder engravers that achieve outstanding results in printing form production will be HD-certified by HELL Gravure Systems. This certification is based on the four categories – edge sharpness, detail reproductions, reproducibility and quality assurance. A total of seven HelioKlischograph K500 systems and three Cellaxy laser engravers are used at 4Packaging. All of these are equipped with the latest HD software features. By awarding the HD certification to 4Packaging, HELL is rewarding the company’s expert handling of HD technology and stringent quality standards.


Read here about the technologies used at 4Packaging and what results are achieved, published in the German trade journal Flexo+Tiefdruck, 5-2021 (PDF, 4 MB)

Only recently, 4Packaging implemented Certified Engraving to expand its internal quality assurance, making it the first company to meet all the requirements to obtain the HD certificate.

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