The standard in direct laser engraving for embossing and packaging printing.
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HELIOGRAPH New sales website offers great value Read more OHIO PRISM-
Engraver from OHIO
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SCHEPERS Everything in view Read more BAUER WEGA 1610 Read more Compact design for perfect cylinder loading



New sales website offers great value

www.dh-iberica.com goes online


„Tobacco´s Finest“

In a class of its own

HelioKlischograph K2

New 5 kHz entry-level engraver

Correct usage of engraving styli

Know-how films with basic information on diamond tools


Repropark, the leading service provider for the Russian market, has used the PremiumSetter S1700 for two years

Version tracker

Overview of all software versions


The Auto-Documented cylinder

Quality control for cylinders

Prism Engraver from OHIO

The engraver to satisfy a variety of needs

Documentation and training videos

The OhioGT.com website includes helpful information

An exclusive interview with Mr. Eric Serenius

Reprint of „Packaging Pakistan“ (Issue July 2017)


Turbo engraving data

The new EgraBox optimizes the performance of old and new Schepers systems

Everything in view

Schepers’ new “video surveillance” and “push notification” features save valuable time and resources


The complete “4-in-1” solution for chrome plating

The new HelioChrome® Rapid EC from K.Walter revolutionizes the chromium plating of gravure cylinders

Chromium trioxide – nothing is changing for users yet

Update on the REACH authorization of CrO3 by the EU


WEGA 1610

Compact design for perfect cylinder loading

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