The Auto-Documented Cylinder

Quality control for cylinders

Cylinder producers and printers know that a high-quality cylinder is essential for the printing results demanded today. Only OHIO’s Spectrum and Prism engravers offer an automatic way to get information for smart decision making. We help you focus on the process.


Cylinder Birth Certificate

All OHIO engravers have always automatically created the Cylinder Birth Certificate, which includes cell data and images. As part of the Auto-Documented Cylinder, we’ve enhanced the birth certificate with information from DocuCell and Vital Proof, and the certificate can be emailed to you automatically.


The DocuCell™ Capturing System

When you manually measure densities on the job and then on the engraved cylinder, you ensure quality but at the cost of time and labor. The DocuCell Capturing System automates this for fast, easy and automatic quality control. The Collage operator identifies areas on the job and the Spectrum or Prism automatically takes cell pictures and measures cell sizes on the fly, then records the information on the Enhanced Birth Certificate.

Vital Proof™ Multi-color System

The patented Vital Proof system uses the feedback system of the highly accurate Vision engrave head and compares the engraved result with the original Collage data. Single color “feedback reconstructed” images are sent back to the Collage system. These images can then be overlaid for a composite result. Can the Vital Proof system replace the proof press? Not entirely, but it provides two features all customers are looking for: lower cost and faster delivery. Vital Proof information is available on the Cylinder Birth Certificate.

Dashboard Engraver Monitoring

Check the performance of your OHIO engravers from any device that can access the web: desktop, tablet or smart phone.