Turbo engraving data

The new EgraBox optimizes the performance of old and new Schepers systems

Schepers’ development team set itself an ambitious goal: Attaining cutting-edge innovations for the latest trends – yet simultaneously ensuring that existing systems benefit from the latest technology. The results speak for themselves – the new EgraBox for engraving-data output convinces with high data throughput and gives old systems access to the most modern functions.


Customer feedback on Schepers systems was a key input during the development of the new EgraBox for engraving-data output. A successful symbiosis of self-developed hardware and software, it underscores the competence of Schepers development experts. The new EgraBox processes eight times as much data per unit of time than its predecessors. It can now incorporate up to 16 bit, which in the future will allow extremely detailed 3D templates to be processed – of great interest for ongoing research projects, for example. Another advantage is that the box holds completely new possibilities for remote maintenance and faster diagnoses than before. This helps minimize long and costly downtime. In addition, the Linux operating system ensures significantly higher system security. The EgraBox is now part of every new system – customers benefit immediately from its many advantages.


But not only new systems with an integrated EgraBox work at a technically much higher level. Because of its backward compatibility with old systems, it is also highly advantageous for these. With software updates and a conversion upgrade package, existing machines that still run with ArtCom controls obtain new functions that were not previously possible. Up to eight laser beams can now be applied; beam offset is likewise an option. EgraBox simultaneously facilitates the permanent delivery of spare parts to old systems.


In summary, Scheper has fulfilled its mission. The EgraBox with its technical innovations ensures much higher performance in new and existing systems, and prepares them for future requirements in the gravure printing industry. The Schepers consulting team is happy to answer all questions under the telephone number +49 (0) 2564 95050.

EgraBox: Simple, fast handling plus higher performance