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Digilas 7000 for direct structuring in ceramics

Schepers installs a direct laser system for engraving anilox rollers in China

Following extensive development work, Schepers, which is based in Vreden, Germany, has completed a new system for direct structuring ceramics to produce anilox rollers. 


Once the customer had taken delivery of the system, an engineer from Schepers installed it and tested it. The machine in question is a Digilas 7000 with an engraving width of up to 5,450 mm, a cylinder diameter of up to 800 mm and tried-and-tested 4-beam technology. Depending on customer requirements, this machine type can also be manufactured in other sizes and with a CW, pulse, or CO2 laser in various outputs and with single or multiple-beam technology.


Schepers aims to use this machine type to supply anilox roller production facilities based on cutting-edge Digilas technology to a larger proportion of cylinder manufacturers. The precision of the manufacturing process and the associated high quality standard are key sales arguments for customers that want to stand out from the competition on the market. What’s more, many years of experience in gravure and embossing have also been distilled into this technical development. The recent machine installation is a major step forward in a segment that is of great interest to Schepers. The team is pleased everything went smoothly and grateful to its customer Haili for such excellent cooperation.


Schepers website

The Digilas 7000 from Schepers                                    
Direct-structured anilox roller
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