First regular CYON-Update featuring additional dashboards and a „JobTracing“ function

Latest version of CYON is available and has been successfully implemented at our existing customer base.

The updated enhances the capability of the modules „Performance“ as well as „Transport and Alerts“. It supports the user with additional, important data to optimize production. The new dashboard for all transportation devices gives, in the same way as the known dashboard “performance”, a clear, visual feedback about the availability and utilization of all transportation devices in the AutoCON Line.


At a glance: the dashboard transport shows utilization and availability of all transportation devices of the AutoCON Line.


Furthermore, a dashboard for alerts has been added. It offers a detailed overview about the most frequent disturbances, the highest susceptibility of failure based on single machines as well as information about which disturbance caused the highest amount of downtime.


Overview of all production critical errors.


„What happened to my cylinder?“

The new job tracing function gives a clear answer to the most frequent question in cylinder production. All production steps will be made transparent. Cylinders can be traced to single machines with time stamps.


The JobTracing function makes all production steps of the cylinders transparent.


Interested in a product demonstration?

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