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Flex-punkt continues on the road to success.

New laser centre with five direct lasers and two LAMS lasers from HELL occupied.

Flex-Punkt has been working continuously for many years to optimise its products and service offerings in terms of sustainability, resource efficiency, delivery capability and quality. In doing so, the prepress company based in Melle in the district of Osnabrück focuses specifically on innovations and invests above average in new technologies and digital infrastructure. 


Flex-Punkt produces around 11,500 flexo sleeves annually, 8,500 of which are for flexible packaging printing and 3,000 for the tissue and decor sector. Flex-Punkt’s steady and sustainable growth is also reflected in the number of employees, which has now grown to over 50. In August 2020, the company decided to build an 850 m2 laser centre, which was recently occupied. This now provides sufficient space for the installation of new machines to improve performance and expand the portfolio. HELL Gravure Systems has played a part in the continued successful development of Flex-Punkt. The two companies have been working together for 20 years in a very fruitful and trusting relationship. As early as 2001, Flex-Punkt carried out the beta test for the first laser engraving system from HELL. Currently, elastomer and photopolymer sleeves and plates are produced with five direct lasers and two LAMS lasers from Hell.


Read here the success story of Flex-punkt “P23-A new generation takes the helm” by Ansgar Wessendorf, published in the German trade journal Flexo+Tiefdruck, 5-2021 (PDF, 4 MB)

Flex-Punkt currently manufactures with five direct lasers as well as two LAMS lasers from HELL

David Weber, Flex-Punkt Managing Director and Udo Theus, Senior Sales Manager at HELL Gravure System

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