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Technical article: Flexographic printing forms when you need them

Faster to the press with "Plate on Demand".

The high level of standardization and minimal complexity of the plate manufacturing process in offset printing mean that most offset printers now produce their printing forms themselves. But how does flexographic printing compare with this?


In flexographic printing, printing forms are generally manufactured by service providers and delivered to printers. One of the reasons for this is that the production process for a photopolymer printing form involves a lot of stages and requires a lot of equipment. With laser engraving of the flexographic printing form, things are completely different. In this case, the ready-for-press block is imaged with just one device in a single step.

“Plate on Demand” is now moving the imaging of flexographic printing forms into the print shop. One big advantage of this for everyone involved in the process is the fast availability of the printing form on the press. Once the print motif has been approved, the printer creates the required printing forms and is at the printing stage within an extremely short time.


Find out more about the benefits of this workflow in the technical article entitled “Plate on Demand – flexographic printing forms when you need them”.

With “Plate on Demand”, printing forms are created by the printers themselves and are at the printing stage within an extremely short time.

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