Monitoring engraving processes everywhere

New OHIO Dashboard available for smartphones

The OHIO Dashboard for monitoring engravers is an exciting new development for cylinder manufacturers, who can now manage their production processes better. All important parameters are visible at one glance, even from the road.


All production figures of OHIO engravers can now be centrally viewed on the OHIO Dashboard. The trick is that the clearly laid-out Dashboard can be accessed from almost anywhere: a desktop computer in the office, a mobile tablet or even a smartphone. The basic requirement is only an up-to-date, commonly used web browser on the respective device. Then, the currently operational OHIO engravers can easily be monitored, even from a distant site.


Another practical feature of the Dashboard is that it can display a compact summary of all engraving work completed during the previous day, week or month. It even shows all defective cylinders so that problems can be quickly resolved. Even the productivity of individual engravers can be quickly determined. The overview shows, for example, percentages that detail how long an engraving machine has already been in operation. Daily reports can also be automatically sent by email. This makes the OHIO Dashboard a very useful companion for monitoring engraving systems.


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