Helio® Pearl

For eco-friendly, cost-efficient and time-saving cylinder coatings

The Helio® Pearl laser-engravable monolayer will revolutionize gravure form manufacture. Users will benefit from time savings and a green, workplace-friendly procedure. Helio® Pearl will thus make gravure printing more competitive on a lasting basis – with far quicker form manufacture and optimum quality down to the very finest detail.


The development of Helio® Pearl involved not just creating a composite that can be laser engraved and has tribological properties suitable for gravure printing, but also inventing the patented end-to-end procedure, including coating, surface treatment, and imaging. The materials used are non-toxic, do not produce any polluted waste water or exhaust, and will therefore not be subject to any authorization procedures, even in the future.


Helio® Pearl is an innovative, eco-friendly technology that is both fast and cost-efficient. A single-layer procedure, it requires far fewer stages than electroplating processes.


Further information on Helio® Pearl can be found here.

Helio® Pearl is cost-efficient and time-saving

Modern cylinder coating with Helio® Pearl