HelioGreen Process

Innovations for cost-efficient, eco-friendly and future proof gravure cylinder coating

Gravure printing combines optimum print quality with unbeatable print run stability. The stylus and laser engraving technologies used – now also in HD quality – are highly advanced, enable precision control, and are fully automated. The same goes for the electroplating process.


Following years of development work, we firmly believe we can make form manufacture better, faster, and more sustainable.That will give our customers basic investment security while also redefining both gravure form manufacture and the future of this printing process.


HelioGreen Process is the umbrella brand for our threefold strategy consisting of the ChromeXtend, HelioChrome® NEO, and Helio® Pearl initiatives. We will use HelioGreen Process to achieve a significant, lasting improvement in the competitiveness of gravure printing by making gravure form manufacture more cost-efficient, more environmentally friendly, and a more secure investment.


Detailed information on HelioGreen Process can be found here.