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Schepers' new "video surveillance" and "push notification" features save valuable time and resources

Video surveillance of machine interiors and automatic push notifications allow Schepers to respond to the needs of many customers.


The “Video Surveillance” accessories package gives operators permanent control of machine interiors. There are two types of monitoring. First, the user can always view the operation of the system on an external monitor designed for continual use. The second option is even more convenient. With a smartphone – iPhone or Android – the user can turn on the camera from anywhere and find out the system status. Because video surveillance in workplaces is a critical issue, the system has various settings that protect the privacy of the operators present. One of these is digitally limiting the camera’s field of vision.


With the newly developed “push notification” accessory, Schepers also provides customers with long production runs an additional relief. Department Heads, operators, or maintenance teams are automatically informed as soon as a defined condition occurs (e.g. completion of a job). This saves valuable time and resources in production or maintenance processes because every previously defined condition is immediately reported. The distribution of these messages is independently administrated and controlled by the client. The notification levels can likewise be freely defined.


The Schepers consulting team is happy to answer all questions by telephone at +49 (0) 2564 95050.

Surveillance camera directly at the machine
Reliable push notifications