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Latest update on the ChromeXtend application

The next milestone has been reached. At the beginning of March 2022, the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) submitted a detailed draft and voting recommendation to the EU Commission regarding the ChromeXtend authorization application for the European gravure and embossing industry. The Commission is likely to make its decision in the 4th quarter of 2022.

To ensure companies can continue to use currently indispensable chromium (VI) electrolytes beyond the expiration of the present CTAC authorization on September 24, 2024, K.Walter is working intensively and in cooperation with users on the strategic and technological “ChromeXtend” initiative.

As explained in the December 2021 update on ChromeXtend, the chromium trioxide exposure measurements for operating personnel that were reported by all participating customers were consistently low and within the legal limits. The authorization application was submitted to the ECHA in February 2021 and has been reviewed and processed in various procedures and dialogs to date. This application covers the use of chromium trioxide for the European gravure and embossing market.

The official recommendation that has now been communicated is the last step before the European Commission votes on the application.

Here are the key points in the ECHA’s recommendation:

  • 12-year review period (starting from the application submission date, i.e. up to 2032)
  • Further improvements are to be made to current exposure levels (see K.Walter Health and Safety Package)
  • Annual exposure measurements still to be mandatory
  • Authorization is to apply to horizontal chromium systems and the use of liquid chromium

Thanks to the excellent feedback from the organizations involved, K.Walter is highly optimistic that the application will be successful.

In December last year, K.Walter once again ran a major reminder and detailed support campaign to help all its customers submit the legally required notification to the ECHA and upload measurement data. Due to the positive feedback this support received, K.Walter will continue to offer this service to customers and expand it so it is available for all matters relating to chromium and its authorization process.

If you have any questions about the implementation of the current chromium regulations, please contact Ms. Sylvia Berger (, +49 (0)89 785 96 188).

Timeline and current status

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