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New: MultiTune for HelioKlischograph systems

New process for adjusting engraving systems

Sharper texts, less dragging and ringing.


For every new engraving head, HELL creates a fingerprint that describes its specific behavior under engraving conditions. Measurements determine the engraving head’s characteristics and these are stored in the touch memory for appropriate image signal compensation during engraving.


The new MultiTune adjustment process now provides a far more telling fingerprint of the engraving system. The system is adapted more precisely to the relevant screen and screen angle for sharper contours as well as less dragging and ringing during engraving.


MultiTune is now a standard feature in new HelioKlischograph systems. The new adjustment process will be available for existing engraving systems from the fourth quarter of 2018 as part of engraving head maintenance.

MultiTune creates sharper contours while also reducing dragging and ringing
MultiTune is available for all new engraving systems from the packaging and decorative sectors
The new adjustment process provides a more precise fingerprint of the engraving system
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