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New functions for the HelioKlischograph K500

Major update coming

HQH embedded and MultiTune announced for K500, cylinder cleaning after engraving reduces level of engraving oil in degreasing bath


The HelioKlischograph K500 is HELL’s flagship model, setting standards in cylinder engraving as a pioneer in its class. The HelioSprint III 12 kHz high-performance engraving system, Twain multi-head engraving, and linear drive ensure by far the quickest cylinder production in the industry. Innovative technologies such as XtremeEngraving, CellEye, and SprintEasy deliver the best possible engraving quality, while integration into the fully automatic AutoCon production line results in a level of automation that is unrivalled in printing form manufacture.


The standard functions of the K500 now include integrated HQH to automatically improve very fine text and line elements, while MultiTune produces sharper text and reduces both dragging and ringing. What’s more, an automatic function has been created for the K500 that enables cylinders to be cleaned again after engraving. This reduces the amount of engraving oil in the degreasing bath.


From fall, the HQH embedded and MultiTune functions will also be available for existing K500 systems (G4, G3, NT) via software update. The cylinder cleaning function is available for the K500 G4 from Version 5.4.3 onward. Updates for the K500 G3 and K500 NT will follow.


Further information:

Cleaner and lubricator (left) on the K500 G4
The K500 is HELL’s flagship model
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