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New: High Quality Hinting embedded

HELL now equips engravers with HQH as standard

All current HelioKlischograph models upgraded


High Quality Hinting (HQH) is a process that improves the reproduction of fine text and line elements in gravure printing.


Repro data is generally prepared using manual correction in line with specific engraving requirements. HQH automates this process by examining engraving data for fine lines and text and automatically optimizing these elements according to preset criteria. The intelligent character recognition function ensures that the characteristics of letters and symbols remain unchanged. Fine text thus remains legible and small graphics do not vanish in printing.


HELL now integrates HQH into all HelioKlischograph systems as standard. This represents a significant upgrade for all current models.

Now as an integrated function in HelioKlischograph systems – HQH embedded
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