Even higher polishing standards

Daetwyler Graphics' newly developed HelioMicrofinishing belt convinces

The newly developed HelioMicrofinishing belt for cylinder-surface polishing from Daetwyler Graphics is precisely coordinated with the company’s own polishing machines. It is also a very good value for the money.


Compared to market standards, the new HelioMicrofinishing belt wins over users with its improved results when it comes to precise cylinder surface polishing, especially in regard to homogeneity and handling. Daetwyler Graphics engineers achieved this through an extremely optimized selection of the grains. The precise belt guidance – enabled by optimally coordinated construction – is also responsible. No – or very few – program adjustments are needed to use the new Heliograph polishing belts. They offer high process reliability even after years of service. They are recognizable at first glance due to the label imprinted on the belt, packaging and label. Daetwyler specialists are happy to answer additional questions about the new HelioMicrofinishing belt on-site and create workflow-optimized polishing programs if desired.

Overview of HelioMicrofinishing belts for the corresponding 3M Microfinishing films