Prism Engraver from OHIO

The engraver to satisfy a variety of needs

The PRISM engraver from OHIO has been well-received around the world as an entry level machine with a small footprint. The high productivity, ease of use, and advanced technology of the electronics of the Prism has made it a favorite. Utilizing the same technology and many of the same parts as the Spectrum engraver, the Prism features the best performing, stable and robust Vision 3 head.


The Vision 3 head engraves standard flexible packaging and decorative images at speeds up to 8,600 cells per second. The popular option of Hybrid Engraving raises the engraving quality even higher. With the Impact Engraving option engrave depths of 90 microns can be achieved. The Vision 3 head with Hybrid and Impact engraving provides unprecedented performance and quality.


The simplicity of manual test cuts on the basic Prism is appreciated by those who are new to gravure. With the Prism Prime, this exceptional engraver steps it up a notch with automated head setup and automatic test cuts. With the newest Vista technology, the Prism Prime offers the one button machine for fast production. The QuickCell system is also available for interactive cell measurement.


The Prism engraver expands your capabilities and potential markets, with its wide screen and stylus range, cylinder sizes, easy setup, fast engrave heads, and specialty engraving options. The Prism and Prism Prime XL version is available for longer cylinders.


We invite you to check the website for more information on the Prism and all of OHIO’s products.