Prisma S.A. strengthens export activities.

Greek company expands partnerships.

Prisma S.A. is a leading cylinder engraver in Southern Europe and a long-standing partner of Heliograph companies. Currently, Prisma is further expanding its partnerships with companies in Western Europe.


Prisma S.A. based in Komotini in northern Greece has been active in the field of gravure cylinder engraving for more than forty years. The production facility of Prisma S.A. covers a total area of 6000 m2 and operates state-of-the-art production systems from well-known suppliers such as Hell, Daetwyler and Kaspar Walter. With the currently existing production facilities, up to 30,000 gravure cylinders can be produced annually. In addition, the company has large storage facilities for around 20,000 gravure cylinders, which Prisma makes available to its customers free of charge as an interim storage facility.


The customer base of Prisma S.A. includes gravure printing companies, which in turn supply manufacturers of food, cosmetics and detergents with flexible packaging. Prisma S.A. holds a significant market share in Greece and supplies customers in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Slovakia and Italy. Prisma is currently expanding its partnerships with companies in Western Europe.


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Prisma S.A. is a long-standing partner of the Heliograph companies.