Software Updates

New software for Spectrum, Prism and the Collage Layout System

OHIO Gravure Technologies is releasing new software for Spectrum and Prism engravers and the Collage Layout System. The new software offers a number of new features, some exclusive to the engraver software, while others combine updates to both the Collage Layout System and the engraver software. The following list provides introduces some of the new features available.


Engraving from a USB drive – USB thumb drives, or flash drives, are extremely popular as well they should be – they combine a small form factor, large storage capacities at a low cost, and the ability to be used over and over (something a DVD does not do). OHIO sees the storage benefits, so the Spectrum and Prism engravers can now engrave archived jobs directly from a flash drive. Inserting a flash drive into the user display or the embedded PC automatically adds the flash drive to available job sources, along with the normal Collage and DVD sources. Selecting a job and machine operation are identical to the other sources. New Spectrum and Prism engravers are now outfitted with additional USB ports mounted on the outer cover to provide even easier USB access for flash drives. This is an update for engraver software only.


Job Listing – Maintaining the list of engrave ready jobs is something that often falls to the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list. Soon, the engraver operator may have to sort through hundreds of cylinders in the job list to find the correct job for engraving. To reduce the number of jobs to view, OHIO has changed the operation of the job list on the Engrave page. Instead of each cylinder being shown, the Job ID is displayed as a folder. Touching the folder name will expand the folder and show only those cylinders available for engraving. Touch another folder to close the current and open the next. Once the cylinders are displayed, the operator selects the appropriate cylinder for engraving as before.

Engraver Page Job List

Additionally, cylinders that have already been engraved can be displayed to allow for re-cuts with the touch of a button. As with the previous software, names in grey identify cylinders that have already been engraved. Job IDs shown in grey mean all cylinders have been cut. This is an update for engraver software only.

Sequenced Engraving – Sequenced engraving, sometimes called over-engraving, is back and includes implementation with semi-automation and engrave-automation. Sequenced engraving is used where two or more different screens/rasters are engraved on the same cylinder, one after another. The machine now recognizes the first engraving pass in a sequence and all subsequent engravings are linked to the first. Engraver operations are modified to protect the carriage and cylinder positions and ensure perfect registration between engraving passes. Spectrum and Prism Prime machines include automatic testcuts with contour cell measuring, so all engravings in a sequence can be run without operator involvement.

The sequenced function also changes the way the jobs are shown in the Job Listing as only the first cylinder in a sequence is shown. This is an update for both the Collage Layout system and engraver software.


Engraver Notes – The Collage operator can now create and save job specific notes for an engraving job that can be viewed by the engraver operator. The Notes function found on the Gravure Parameters window is where information can be stored with the job. When the engraver operator selects the job, the Notes are available for him to review. If no notes are saved with the Collage job, the Notes feature on the engraver does not appear. This is an update for both the Collage Layout system and engraver software.