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Tactile effects at their very best with Cellaxy

The young company Gravion describes itself as a “digital factory” in the production of embossing rollers and is fully committed to using direct laser engraving in its manufacturing operations.

Tactile effects are playing an increasingly important role, not just in high-quality packaging (cardboard, aluminum, PET) but also for glass, paper, foil, plastic, decorative elements for furniture, floors and automotive interiors and in safety and security applications. When people feel textured surfaces in their hands, they know they are looking at an exclusive brand and will remember it for a long time.


Based in Rheinfelden, Germany, Gravion is a very popular partner for the manufacture of customized embossing forms to be used in a whole range of premium applications. This is all the more remarkable as the company was only founded in the summer of last year. However, the managing directors, as well as most of the 10-strong team, have many years of experience in the relevant industrial sectors and in embossing, coating and anilox roller technology.

To ensure it could meet the mostly very high requirements for 3D structures on embossing forms, Gravion invested in a Cellaxy C500 laser system from HELL Gravure Systems.


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Managing partner Dietmar Buchholz (right) with colleagues from his highly motivated team

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