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Three decades of gravure form manufacture

Informative specialist article looks at the history and future of the technologies used in gravure form manufacture.

Gravure printing combines high, reproducible print quality with excellent print run stability. The technologies used for gravure cylinder manufacture are mature, can be controlled precisely and are fully automated. This will lead to direct laser engraving becoming more important in the coming years.


How can 30 years of gravure form manufacture be summarized? And what does the future hold? The technologies used in gravure form manufacture are standardized and automated. When it comes to competing with other printing methods, the main aim driving development is to reduce unit costs. Direct laser engraving is becoming far more important in gravure printing and this trend is continuing to grow. In his comprehensive article, Ansgar Wessendorf provides a highly informative review of the technologies used in gravure form manufacture and an outlook for their future.


You can read the specialist article here:


Download: Specialist article “Three decades of gravure form manufacture”

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