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Expanded and enhanced product portfolio

HELL impresses with new HelioKlischograph systems

Following the unveiling of the new K2, the relaunch of the K5 and K5 Smart, and a major update to the K500, all HelioKlischograph models have received an impressive upgrade


HELL is once again proving its innovative strength. Just recently, HELL presented the HelioKlischograph K2, a new entry-level 5 kHz engraver, with features including motorized support and an integrated autofocus camera. At the same time, the 9 kHz HelioKlischograph K5 entry-level engraver was upgraded through the addition of a number of new functions. Now, HELL is presenting a new HelioKlischograph K5 Smart, available with 9 kHz or 12 kHz (see following report). It goes without saying that the flagship model, the HelioKlischograph K500, will not be left behind either, with HELL announcing a major update for it (see report here).


All HelioKlischograph systems will now be equipped with HQH embedded as standard and support the new MultiTune adjustment process for engraving systems (see reports here).

The models of the new HelioKlischograph systems are clearly differentiated in terms of productivity and equipment (images above and below)
A comparison of the current HelioKlischograph systems

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