WEGA 1610

Compact design for perfect cylinder loading

The WEGA S 1410 cylinder transport system – designed for Slim Line S automatic lines with hollow cylinders of up to 1,400 mm face length – has successfully established itself since the DRUPA 2016. Now, the WEGA 1610 – the large model in the WEGA family – was delivered for the first time in July.

As usual, the new system stands out with customizable dimensions for any hall size, flexible, self-centring cylinder loading and rapid, safe transport. It can be integrated into all processes used in fully automatic production lines for standard shaft and hollow cylinders. Further new orders for the WEGA 1610 show that this concept is the success track on which the WEGA product family ensures high customer benefit.


The WEGA 1610 is the successor of the previous Gemini product line. Customers who have an automatic line with monorail and the Gemini transport system can still purchase the existing Gemini model if they expand their current lines.

The most important characteristics of the WEGA 1610 at a glance:


Modular crane rail with expandable steel construction


Hollow and shaft cylinders up to max. 500 kg, face length of 450 – 1,600 mm and total length of up to 2,350 mm, circumference of 450 – 1,000 mm


Cylinder loading with special gripper technology suitable for shaft and hollow cylinders


High transport speed and drive dynamics with very accurate load positioning due to servo drive technology in combination with an innovative position measurement system


Operator protection in automatic lines with Performance-Level D safety concept


Online interface integrated into PLC controls – ideal for operating fully automatic production lines