WEGA cylinder transport systems

The WEGA family – functional optimization of the standard

BAUER continues to improve its products by always keeping an ear to the ground and remaining open to suggestions and requests from customers. For example, a whole series of WEGA cylinder transport systems with optimized functionality, greater process stability, higher productivity, the Advanced Safety Concept and improved ease of maintenance was developed on the basis of the WEGA 1410 unveiled at DRUPA 2016. The product family consists of the following solutions:


WEGA-1410-V3 (cylinder up to 1,400 mm face length, 200 kg maximum weight)


WEGA-1610 (cylinder up to 1,600 mm face length, 500 kg maximum weight)


WEGA-XL (cylinder up to 2,420 mm face length, max. circumference 1,350 mm, 850 kg maximum weight)


The key changes in the WEGA product family are:



The two small rocker switches have been replaced by a one-piece rocker switch with a large contact area for improved cylinder contact. This ensures that even very small-circumference cylinders can operate the switch reliably.

By changing the shape of the cylinder rests, the grippers have become narrower, and also more stable.


Cross-bar guide / Connection to the cross-bar

Instead of using a cable pull, the guides are now held in the top position magnetically.

A new design and modification of the connection plate have led to significant improvements in stability.

The new structure has been optimized in such a way that the guides are connected laterally and therefore centrally to the cross-bar. The additional use of sheet steel in the guide increases the stability of the cross-bar in all axes, achieving even higher positioning accuracy.


Cross-bar / Belt attachment

The new cross-bar support is made of steel, so that the cross-bar has sufficient net weight even without a cylinder. A recirculating ball screw is now used as the drive for laterally adjusting the grippers. This ensures smoother, more even movement. The over- / underload mechanism of the belt attachment has been improved. In addition to the rocker switches which act as stress sensors, an extra over-stress sensor has been integrated into the cross-bar. The entire “Cross-bar / belt attachment” unit is easier to maintain thanks to this fundamental re-design.

WEGA cylinder transport systems – the new optimized standard for cylinder transport in automated lines

Improved guide rails

The WEGA V-1 was guided on both sides on the vertical rib of the rails. If the rails were not perfectly parallel, the WEGA could be impacted from both sides.

The new WEGA systems are guided by a double roll-guide on just one side of the transport system, on the bottom flange. For production reasons, the tolerances of the bottom flange are always much smaller than the rib of the steel support, enabling much more precise guidance of the WEGA.


Improvement of maintenance and repair

One of the ways in which easier maintenance has been achieved is by optimizing the sensor arrangement. The software was also modified so that when a faulty WAGO subassembly is replaced the software automatically parameterizes the new module.


Increase in productivity

Through close collaboration with our servo motor supplier, the acceleration and speed parameters for vertical and horizontal movement of the WEGA systems were optimized, providing a significant boost to productivity in cylinder transport.


The BAUER team is proud to have set a new standard for cylinder transport by consulting customers and everyone involved in the value chain.


More Information: www.bauer-logistik.de