Two new Spectrums for India's No. 1

Technomec has successfully used OHIO engravers for years

Technomec Roll Manufacturing Company in Ahmedabad is the largest manufacturer of gravure cylinders in India. Spectrum engravers from OHIO have been an essential part of the Indians’ path to success. This is reason enough for them to expand their capacity by two of the latest machines.


In March, OHIO product expert Kent Seibel visited the Technomec plant in Ahmedabad to introduce employees to the expanded functions of the latest generation of Spectrum machines, including Hybrid Engraving. Thanks to the Hybrid Engraving system, coating rolls with large engraving depths (115 µm) as well as laser-quality text can be produced. The Indian company greatly appreciates this. Founded in 1989, India’s most important Indian manufacturer supplies cylinders to leading engraving and printing companies in India and exports cylinders throughout the whole world. “We are very satisfied with the high quality of the OHIO engravers,” explained Amin Nehal, Managing Director of Technomec. And that high-quality training does not have to consist only of dry work, but can also be very carefree, is impressively proven by Kent Seibel’s photos from the trip.